Introducing “Empower the Learner”

For over a year, I have been conducting research in the science of learning and development with a focus on Identity and Empowerment. I have also been collaborating with a colleague who is a mindfulness expert. We decided this past summer to form an entity that would develop programs for parents and educators to empower them with the knowledge and skills to help their kids support their own learning in a remote or in-class environment. We would like to introduce to you…

I extend an invitation to learn more about our mission and vision but most important, I want you to know that Empower the Learner is based on a single belief….

Please take a moment to review the Empower the Learner (ETL) Programs, learn more about the ETL Team, a trifecta of expertise in learning, technology and mindfulness, and discover why we believe that we need to empower every learner to thrive with skills, tools and practices to be lifelong learners!

And please join us for the premier of the Empower the Learner Masterclass on January 11th, 2021 where we will introduce you to the ETL Framework the share how you can empower learners to ..

  • develop a positive self-image,
  • achieve agency in their learning, and
  • self-advocate and lead their learning.

You do not want to miss this but if you are not able to attend on January 11th, please enroll and we will provide a link to the recording. 


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