MLP Virtual Book Study

You want to personalize learning in your school but don’t know where to start!
You have staff that has questions about creating personalized learning environments!
You want to bring your staff together to talk about personalized learning!

Consider having a MLP Virtual Book Study with the co-author!

Make Learning Personal Book

Are you ready to jump into learning more about personalized learning? I would be excited to be a part of your journey with your staff as you read Make Learning Personal. I will join you at a date and time that we coordinate as you complete each chapter with a live 1-hour webinar. This is when you can ask me questions about the ideas in the chapter. Sometimes I will ask you questions for you to think deeper about what you just learned. The most important thing is that you will be having conversations about personalized learning; what it is and what it is not, understanding who your learners are, how teacher and learners roles change, where personalized learning is happening, and the ultimate question: Why Personalize Learning?

Goal of the MLP Virtual Book Study:

To help you build a common language and understanding around personalized learning that can serve as a foundation in creating learner-centered environments.

The MLP Virtual Book Study will include:

  • 6 live one-hour webinars that are scheduled for each chapter of Make Learning Personal.
  • An online MLP Virtual Book Study site with research and resources, links that support each chapter and a set of questions to think deeper about personalized learning.
  • A set of activities related to each chapter to build a common language and understanding of personalize learning and what it may mean for your school or school district
  • An online Community of Practice for each participant to reflect on the chapter reading, to ask questions and respond to chapter activities.
  • A PDF file of the Personalization vs Differentiation vs Individualization Chart, ver. 3
  • A PDF file of the Personalization vs Differentiation vs Individualization Report, ver. 3
  • A PDF file of the Stages of Personalized Learning Environments, ver. 5

Guidelines for the MLP Virtual Book Study with me, Kathleen McClaskey, co-author of Make Learning Personal and How to Personalize Learning.

  • Set a personal goal and a group goal for the MLP Virtual Book Study.
  • Crete a timeline for your book study – this could be every two weeks or more.
  • Participate in a group conversation online and face-to-face as each of you reflects on each chapter of the book and the optional chapter activities.
  • Respond and ask questions of each other as conversations around personalized learning creates an important foundation to build a school culture that will be learner-centered.
  • Decide if you plan to be together for the live webinar that will occur at a scheduled time. Provide flexibility if someone cannot make it. Webinars will be recorded and questions for these live webinars with Kathleen can be sent in advance so that they are answered during the live webinar.
  • Consider how professional development hours will be awarded. Some ideas for these hours could include:
    • A discussion entry on each chapter reflecting on what resonated with you in each chapter. (For example, each entry = 1 PD hour)
    • Responding to the chapter activities and to others’ posts in a thoughtful manner. Remember that you are building conversations and ideas around personalized learning
    • Participating in the virtual book study webinars. (For each webinar = 1 PD hour).
    • Developing an action plan on your next steps you will take to personalize learning.
    • Creating a 60-second elevator speech on “Why Personalize Learning”.

Fee: $79/person (minimum of 15)

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