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iNACOL Sumposium

iNACOL Symposium

October 23, 2:15-3:15

Personalization + Universal Design for Learning: The Theory and the Practice
co-presented by Andrew Easton, Kristen Haugen and Kathleen Sindt of Westside Community Schools, Omaha, NE and Kathleen McClaskey, Make Learning Personal, Amherst, NH

While any educator can appreciate the central tenets of personalization, actually tailoring classroom practices to each individual learner’s background, learning preferences, interests, and abilities is an elusive aspiration to many. In this session, attendees will learn how Personalized Learning and the Universal Design for Learning lens work together to address issues with equity, develop student agency, and promote self-advocacy for each learner. The session will then briefly share the district-level implementation of this vision as personalized learning coordinators from both the Omaha Westside Community School District in Nebraska and Edina Public Schools in Minnesota share their efforts and story in systemically scaling up personalization district-wide. This conversation will lead to the identification of five entry points that these schools have targeted for developing consistent and sustainable personalized practices in the classrooms they support. The session will conclude with breakout groups, each focused on diving deeper into one of the five entry points mentioned earlier. Those breakouts will empower attendees with choice for extended learning, model personalized practices from these five capacities, and delve into specific classroom examples from across the K-12 experience. Join us for an engaging and practical session and leave with personalized learning practices that can be immediately implemented in any classroom or school district.


IDA Conference

IDA 2018 Annual Conference

October 25th, 12:15-2:15

Empower ALL Learners with Ownership to Learn with a Learner Profile & Personal Learning BackpackPoster Session
presented by Kathleen McClaskey and Diana Petschauer

Ownership to learning is the outcome we want for all of our learners. In this interactive session, participants will have an opportunity to explore the variety of tools, apps and resources to build a Personal Learning Backpack that can support their learner’s challenges from the Learner Profile they created, considering the learning strategies and skills their learner would need to become more independent and self-directed. Templates will be provided for each participant to create a Learner Profile and build a Personal Learning Backpack.


christa mcauliffe technology conference



A Learner with Agency is a Learner Who is Future Ready

presented by Kathleen McClaskey
Session # W2-02, Wednesday, 12:00 pm – 12:50 pm, Room: Piscataquog (B)

As we try to educate all children to become independent and self-directed learners so they have choices in college, career, and life, our promise should be for each child to develop learner agency. But how can we as leaders fulfill that promise to create learner-centered environments where all children develop agency so that can pursue their passions and interests, take ownership to learning and be future ready? Participants will learn about a 3-step innovative process based on the learning sciences to develop agency with all learners. First, discover how you can empower learners (of all ages) to tell their story of who they are and how they learn and then create a Personal Learning Backpack of tools and skills to support their learning along with a Personal Learning Plan so that they can develop goals and action plans to become future ready for college, career and life.


Empower Learners with UDL: Build a Personal Learning Backpack for Agency

presented by Kathleen McClaskey and Diana Petschauer
Session # BDTu01-F, Tuesday, 9:30 am – 11:30 am, Robert Frost

In this workshop, participants will learn about developing a Learner Profile (LP) in order to build their Personal Learning Backpack (PLB). When you identify how you learn best using the LP, the next step is to determine what tools/technologies, apps and skills you need in your PLB to support your own learning. Demonstrations and examples of LP’s and PLB’s will be provided along with time dedicated to exploring tools and technologies. Using different provided learner profiles, participants will work in groups to brainstorm tools, apps and resources that can enhance a strength or support a challenge of the learner in accessing information, engaging with content or expressing what they know. At the conclusion of the workshop, each group will share and reflect from the perspective of the learner about the tools and skills they need to develop agency and advocates of their own learning. Walk away with skills, resources and tools to create a learner centered environment in your classroom!




Build a Personal Learning Backpack to Give ALL Learners Voice & Choice

Empower learners with voice and choice! In this session, learn how to build a Personal Learning Backpack with tools, apps and strategies that can create a culture that values every learner and harnesses the power of learner agency by giving voice and choice for every learner to own their learning.

Join Luis Perez, Diana Petschauer and myself in a 90 minute BYODex session at ISTE 2018 on June 26th at 4:45pm. Pre-Registration required. Go to to register with Registration code: BYODEX324.


Building Learning Communities Conference

BLC18 Education Conference: July 25th, 1:10-2:15

Personalization and UDL: The Perfect Match to Realize Learner Agency and Equity for all Learners

When learners understand their unique strengths and challenges as a learner, there is more engagement and motivation–the barriers to learning can be removed. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) creates such a culture of learner agency and equity. Based on research in the neurosciences and how we learn, UDL and personalization are the perfect match to bring equity and agency to every learner. In this session, you will step into a learner’s shoes and use the UDL Lens of Access, Engage and Express in order to experience firsthand what teachers gain by knowing the strengths and challenges of their learners. We will move between online resources and collaborating with peers so you can identify a Personal Learning Backpack of tools and skills that can support challenged and enhance strengths for your learners to realize agency.  You will depart with a clear understanding how to empower your learners and bring equity to your classroom. Remember your devices!



Umass Amherst Assistive Technology Center

Episode 4 of the UMass Amherst ATC AccessAbilities podcast featuring Kathleen McClaskey discussing her work “Make Learning Personal” (Make Learning Personal) just dropped today! Check it out on iTunes, GooglePlay, and more (! Transcript available at

Share with friends and colleagues – We hope you enjoy!



SXSW EDU Workshop graphic


Join Josie Jordan, Steve Nordmark and myself for a 2-hour workshop to discover how to empower learners to take the remote and direct the what how and why of their learning using the UDL Lens of Access, Engage and Express (TM). This workshop will take place on March 6th, 1:30-3:30 CT at the Hilton Austin Downtown, Room 412.  Learn more and favorite this session at
A book signing of How to Personalize Learning will take place following the workshop at the Austin Convention Center in Room 10C.


UDL IRN Summit 2018

Pre-Conference Workshop – April 25th

“Empowering Learners with the UDL Lens:
Building a Personal Learning Backpack for Agency and Self-Advocacy”
presented by Kathleen McClaskey and Luis Perez  Luis Perez

Kathleen McClaskey Interactive Learning Session – April 26th

“Using Tools and Apps to Give Voice and Choice to Learners”
presented by Kathleen McClaskey and Luis Perez


10 minute teacher

The 10 Minute Teacher Show with Vicki Davis – January 11, 2018

“Throw out Learning Styles and Replace it with UDL”
Kathleen McClaskey talks about the research on learning styles and the alternatives for teaching and reaching every child. Today’s show will help you think about the research many of us have used for years to design lessons.




NH CMTC Conference

Tuesday, November 28th

Personalized Learning and UDL: Realizing the Promise of Learner Agency
presented by Kathleen McClaskey

In this session, participants will discover how Personalized Learning and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) can be the centerpieces to fulfilling the promise of learner agency.

Wednesday, November 29th

Building a Culture: Your Foundation for Personalized and Competency-based Instruction
presented by Josie Jordan and Kathleen McClaskey

During this interactive session, come practice proven strategies and techniques that create a learning culture that values every learner, harnesses the power of learner agency, and shifts the environment from teacher-centric to learner-centric. Participants will leave ready to take their first steps toward a culture that can foster and sustain personalized learning.



Future Ready Schools

Webinar: October 16th, 2017
2-2:30 ET

“A Learner with Agency is a Learner that is Future Ready”


Tom Murray, Director of Innovation, Future Ready Schools®, Alliance for Excellent Education

Kathleen McClaskey, Founder of Make Learning Personal and Co-author of Make Learning Personal and How to Personalize Learning

Please join Future Ready Schools® (FRS) for a webinar that is part of its Leadership Hub, a one-stop-shop of professional learning opportunities for school leaders.

Archived Webinar and Resources:


ACTEM Conference

ACTEM Conference – Celebrating 30 Years
Augusta Civic Auditorium
October 13, 2017

Personalized Learning and UDL: Set the Stage for Learner Agency
presented by Kathleen McClaskey

A Personal Learning Plan (PLP) needs to include goal setting and action planning so that every learner can develop the skills to be a learner with agency. Using the UDL Lens of Access, Engage and Express, discover a 3-step process to empower your learners to tell their story of who they are and how they learn that sets the stage in developing a Personal Learning Backpack of tools and skills and an effective PLP so that they become future ready.


Archive of this webinar along with the transcript and resources can be located here:

Join Kathleen McClaskey as she presents a way to approach personalized learning to help you determine how your learners learn best and to help you to create an environment through the UDL lens of “Access, Engage, and Express.” In addition, Martin McKay will outline how to identify the right tools that minimize barriers and maximize learning for all your learners. He’ll also cover what ed-tech trends and tools are paving the way for the future of personalized learning.

Kathleen McClaskey, founder of Make Learning Personal; co-founder of Personalize Learning, LLC; co-author of Make Learning Personal and How to Personalize Learning

Martin McKay, CTO & founder, Texthelp

Moderator: Holly Yettick, director, Education Week Research Center

Register Here


Montpelier Public Schools
Inservice Day – Keynote Address and Site Workshops – October 6th

Montpelier keynote


“Personalized Learning and UDL: Realizing Equity, Agency and Self-Advocacy”
presented by Kathleen McClaskey





August 8, 2Podcast with David Truss017

“Let learners construct the learning”

A podcast by David Truss

In June 2016 at ISTE 2016, David interviewed me for this podcast about the importance of learners constructing their own learning. We covered a number of topics including personalized learning, the importance for every learner to know how they learn and how we need to value every learner.


Come Join in the Fun this Summer!

Summer Book Study: “How to Personalize Learning”
presented by Kathleen McClaskey and Barbara Bray

Each Thursday in July at 7pm ET, 6pm CT, 5pm MT & 4pm PT on #plearnchat #bookchat

Summer Book Study
  • July 6th: Chapters 1 and 2 with Kathleen
  • July 13th: Chapters 3 and 8 with Barbara
  • July 20th: Chapter 4, 5 and 6 with Kathleen
  • July 27th: Chapters 7 and 9 with Barbara
Questions for each chat will be posted in Twitter!



ISTE 2017 

San Antonio June 25-28, 2017

Hope to see you at ISTE! Please introduce yourself at the session or during the conference.

BYOD: Personalize Learning by Building a Personal Learning Backpack with your Learners

Wednesday, June 28, 9:00–10:00 am CDT

Presented by Kathleen McClaskey and Luis Perez

Luis Perez

One-size-fits-all is out! Personalized learning is in! In this session, you will learn how to begin to personalize learning by helping each learner build their Personal Learning Backpack so they can develop independent learning skills with tools and apps to support their learning.


Matt townsend ShowThe Matt Townsend Show

from BYU Ra

May 25th at 9:20am ET on Sirius XM channel 143 and iTunes Radio

Matt interviewed me on How to Personalize Learning where we discussed Personalized Learning, Universal Design for Learning and how to develop agency with all learners.

Listen to this broadcast!


Dynamic Landscapes Conference
Dynamic Landscapes 2017

Champlain College
Burlington, VT

May 22, 2017

UDL and Personalized Learning: Realizing Proficiencies with All Learners presented by Kathleen McClaskey

How can we harness Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to help each learner develop the proficiencies to be future ready? Join Kathleen in this interactive session to discover a process where each learner can gain independent self-directed skills to master the proficiencies to be prepared for college, career and life.

Building a Culture: Your Foundation for Personalized and Proficiency-based Instruction presented by Josie Jordan and Kathleen McClaskey


5/15/17 #plearnchatplearnchat on May 15th with Pernille Ripp
TOPIC: Passionate Learners

Host: Kathleen McClaskey @khmmc 

Guest host: Pernille Ripp @pernilleripp author of Passionate Learners, Reimagining Literacy through Global Collaborations & coming in summer 2017, Passionate ReadersPernille is also the creator of Global Read Aloud.

Check out the Storify that captured this chat!


TL Talk Radio
Season 3, Episode 11

hosted by Randy Ziegenfuss @ziegeran and Lynn Fuini-Hetten @lfuinhetten

I (@khmmc) was interviewed on May 4th on How to Personalize Learning: The UDL Lens and Learner Agency. Randy and Lynn dived deep in the questions about how using the UDL Lens can empower learners to develop agency.

Listen to this session podcast!


Hacked LEadership
Personalized Learning, UDL and Innovation with Kathleen McClaskey

March 31, 2017

In this episode, Kathleen inspires us to promise agency to every learner in the classroom. She talks to me about how students achieve learner agency and the importance of changing our vernacular to use the word learner instead of the word student.

Listen to the podcast here!

UDL Summit2017 UDL-IRN Summit

Building Personal Learning Backpack Using UDL Lens
Embassy Suites Hilton, Orlando, FL
3 hour Pre-Conference Workshop 
March 29, 2017

presented by Kathleen McClaskey (@khmmc) and Luis Perez (@eyeonaxs)
The goal of this workshop was to provide participants with a three-step process and a set of practical tools that will guide the UDL journey, beginning with activities to help them discover who they are as a learner. These activities modeled the process they will go through for each learner to develop independent learning skills to support their learning and in building a learner-centered classroom that emphasizes agency and self-regulation

UDLIRN Network and Learn Series

March 6, 2017

Ask Me Anything with Kathleen McClaskey, Personalized Learning

The IRN’s Bryan Dean sits down with Kathleen McClaskey, Co-Founder of Personalize Learning, LLC, and co-author of bestseller, Make Learning Personal (2014) and How to Personalize Learning (2016).


January 24, 2017

Webinar: “UDL and Personalized Learning: The Path to Deeper Learning”

Webinar: UDL and Personalized Learning- The Path to Deeper Learning from itslearning USA on Vimeo.

“UDL and Personalized Learning: The Path to Deeper Learning” Webinar offers a deep dive into the fundamentals of UDL, the teacher-learner partnership, and developing student agency. It also provides interesting insights into one district’s leadership and commitment to UDL.

presented by
Kathleen McClaskey, Founder of Make Learning Personal and former CEO of Personalize Lerning, LLC
Mike Jameson, Director of Technology, BCSC

Sponsored by its learning