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UDL-IRN International Summit

Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport
April 7th – Pre-Conference Workshops
April 8th and 9th – Conference

Pre-Conference Workshop – April 7th

Empower Learners to Become Expert Learners with a Personal Learning Backpack (PLB) presented by Kathleen McClaskey and Luis Perez

How can we use the UDL Lens to empower every learner with the tools and skills to become expert learners? In this workshop, participants will learn how to use the 3-step “Discover the Learner” process. First they will develop a Learner Profile of a learner they know that guides every learner to understand the what, how and why their learning. Next they will learn how to build a Personal Learning Backpack of tools, apps and skills to support learning, including built-in accessibility features and apps and extensions for iOS, Google and Microsoft platforms. As a final step, participants will create a Personal Learning Plan of their learner with goals and action steps so they can become agents of their own learning; expert learners prepared for college and career.


April 8th – 11:15-12:15

Empower Learners with the UDL Lens to become Agents and Advocates of their own Learning  presented by Kathleen McClaskey

How can we implement the UDL Lens of Access, Engage and Express to empower every learner to become agents and advocates of their own learning?  In this session you will discover how a special education case manager implemented the Learner Profile using the UDL Lens with her high school learners so that they could share their strengths and challenges in their learning that in turn empowered them to become advocates for their learning goals by leading their own IEP meetings.


Dynamic landscapes empowering learning for allMay 18th and 19th
Burlington, VT
Personalize Learning with the UDL Lens: Empower All Learners with Agency

As we try to educate all children, our promise should be for each child to develop agency. But how can we as educators fulfill that promise? Discover how you can empower your learners with profiles using the learning sciences so that they can share who they are, how they learn and what they aspire to be and then identify and develop lifelong skills with tools and apps to  become agents of their own learning.


I am presenting at ISTE20

 Monday, June 29, 10:15 am PDT
Empower Learners with the UDL Lens: Build a Backpack for Agency
presented by Kathleen McClaskey and Andelee Espinosa

Andelee Espinosa

Kathleen McClaskey

How can you empower every learner to develop agency? Discover how your learners can use the UDL Lens to develop Learner Profiles to share the strengths and challenges of their learning and build a Personal Learning Backpack of tools and apps so they can become agents of their own learning.



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