Step 1: Common Language

Step 1 Common Language

You want to personalize learning in your school!

You have a group of teachers who want to learn more about personalize learning!

You want everyone to have a common understanding of personalized learning!


Join me in building a common language and understanding of personalized learning with either the…

Make Learning Personal Virtual Book StudyMake Learning Personal Book

Where you and your staff will read Make Learning Personal and join me in a live webinar at the end of each chapter to ask questions. For each chapter, you will have…

  • access to extensive resources,
  • a forum to have conversations, and
  • a set of optional activities to think deeper about personalized learning.

Learn more about Make Learning Personal Virtual Book Study!


5 W’s of Personalized Learning Standalone eCourse!

Starting this fall you can enroll in the 5 W’s of Personalized Learning Standalone eCourse. This eCourse is designed for 5ws of personalized learning standalone course starts January 2018you to work at your pace and place. It includes…

  • Three videos for  each of the 5Ws: What, Who, WOW, Where and Why of Personalized Learning,
  • An online site with resources and activities for each chapter,
  • PDF files of the PDI Chart and PDI Report and  Stages of Personalized Learning Environments, and
  • A forum to discuss each chapter and/or related chapter activities.

Learn more about the 5 W’s of Personalized Learning Standalone eCourse!

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