Step 2: Vision and Beliefs

Vision and beliefs

You have built capacity with your staff around the common language!

You want to bring all your stakeholders together in your community to create a shared vision and a belief system around personalized learning!


Let me guide you and your stakeholders through a process to develop a shared vision and belief system around…

  • your learners and learning
  • your teachers and teaching
  • your learning community

This will take a 3-step process so that a shared vision and belief system will be established and serve as the foundation to personalize learning and will drive you forward.


A Pre-Assessment on Your Readiness to Personalize Learning will be conducted to capture the baseline information from representatives from schools and district by gathering data, key documents, plans, and information about the schools and where they see the gaps and issues to consider in moving forward. The compilation report provides a snapshot of the culture and learning environments that analyzes the readiness of the participating schools to personalize learning.


The Overview of Personalized Learning workshop will be conducted onsite with your stakeholders to introduce Personalized Learning to your school or school district. This gives your stakeholders an opportunity to ask question about personalized learning and what it could look like in your schools. A webinar planning session will take place prior to the onsite workshop.


The Stakeholder’s Vision and Beliefs Symposium will include an onsite event with your stakeholders where a shared vision will be developed along with a set of beliefs around:

  • your learners and learning
  • your teachers and teaching
  • your learning community

Personalized learning impacts everyone in the community as you move to a learner-centered environment where teaching and learning changes It will take a “village” to build and sustain a personalized learning system that began with a Shared Vision and Beliefs.

If you would like to know more about the process or discuss dates to begin Step 2, go to Contact Me.